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  • Hello, I am Mayara Munhos.

    I completed my bachelor’s degree in Radio, TV, and Internet from the Methodist University of São Paulo in 2014. I worked at ESPN Brazil for 8 years, where I accumulated experiences in many different areas. I’m the owner and creator of “Jiu-Jitsu” in Frames YouTube channel and podcast, where I produce original content about Jiu-Jitsu, especially the shows “Open Mat” and “Escuta aqui, faixa branca”.

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  • Jobs

    Jiu-Jitsu in Frames


    Since 2017

    I started unpretentiously working on my own YouTube channel but I did not have time to produce content and I could not prioritize it because the channel was not my paid job. However in 2019, after a vacation trip to the USA and some interviews that went well, I created the show “Open Mat” to interview athletes remotely and at the same time, I started a podcast. Step by step my work was growing, developing, and in 2020 it became my job. Then I created the “Escuta aqui, faixa branca”, a podcast with tips for jiu-jitsu beginners, and now these two shows are the main ones on my YouTube channel. In addition, I also cover events. I work 100% alone, so I am responsible from start to finish, including video editions, video recording, producing, and distribution on social media.

    Visit my YouTube channel: click here.


    Social Media Manager

    Host 'Road to Black'

    January 2021 - July 2021

    BJJFLIX is the world’s main jiu-jitsu streaming platform in. I worked as a social media manager, planning and publishing all the content for social media and I was also the host of a show on the platform titled – “Road to Black” – I interviewed jiu-jitsu athletes who told me about their journey from white belt to black belt.

    ESPN Brasil


    January 2013 – January 2021

    In 2013, I went through the selection process and started working as an intern for a video editor. At the end of my internship, I was hired as a video editor. In pursuit of new challenges, I decided to change my focus and I moved to the journalistic area. In 2018, I became responsible for espnW.com.br, the ESPN women’s portal in sports. I interviewed women like Marta, Magic Paula, Cris Cyborg, Amanda Nunes, Jéssica Andrade, Cristiane Roseira, Joanna Maranhão… And more!


    I was responsible for all the content on espnW.com.br including:

    • Planning all the content for espnW.com.br

    • Write, edit and produce stories for multiple platforms with an emphasis on the Internet and digital channels.

    • Manage content on social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook)

    • Produce videos for TV and website

    • Interview and reporting for online publications, TV, and social media

    • Arrange and conduct interviews with individuals who were knowledgeable about each story's subject matter

    • Video editing.

    In 2016, I created a personal blog for espnW. I wrote about the world of female jiu-jitsu athletes and the landscape they navigate.


    I also wrote for ESPN International. It was a great experience to leave a record of my work around the world:
    - Andrade: 'I kept my cool' during carjacking


    Video Editor (Internship)

    August 2012 – January 2013

    I started my journey at MBPress as an intern. In the beginning, I was responsible only for editing videos and then, I was requested also to be responsible for research, writing scripts, and recording voiceovers. The videos went through me from research to the end, and it was displayed on “Portal Famosidades”, “Tim – Torcedor Sem Fronteiras”, and Bus TV.

    Rádio 89 FM!

    July 2011 – August 2012

    Radio 89FM! was the beginning of my career. I was responsible for answering the phones and organizing song requests, among other things. Later, I started recording voiceover and also music programming. I worked in the event “CEO’s Family Workshop”, where I was responsible for coordinating the playlist. Almost at the end of the internship, I worked in the journalism and social media department, managing the radio station’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • Extra Jobs

    BJJ Bet - Host


    I was the host of two editions of BJJBet:

    GP Selection – March/2021, and Who’s Next – August/2021.



    I am sponsored by StormStrong, a brand that specializes in jiu-jitsu. Besides being sponsored as an athlete, I also write weekly about jiu-jitsu for their blog.

    BJJ Stars || BJJ Bet

    Backstage | Press

    BJJ Stars and BJJ Bet are the two biggest jiu-jitsu events in Brazil. I was there as press, producing backstage content for my YouTube channel. Check this out.

    ADCC 2019

    Press - Semptember/2019

    I was at ADCC 2019 in Anaheim, California, representing my YouTube channel. During the event, I had full access to the fights and I was allowed to take pictures as well. Backstage, I had several interviews with the athletes. Moreover, I also collaborated with the results and pictures to BJJ Forum and Tatame Magazine.

    Copa Podio

    Social Media + Reporter/2016

    During the event I was responsible for the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Copa Podio, publishing all the results in real-time. I also participated in the media day and I was invited to be at the press conference. After the event, I was a reporter, and I interviewed Isaque Bahiense (the champion) for the “Fighteria”, a TV show shown on Canal Combate.


    BJJ Heroes || BJJ Forum

    Sometimes I collaborate on BJJ Heroes, one of the world’s most prestigious jiu-jitsu websites, and also to BJJ Forum.

    BJJ Heroes

    BJJ Forum

  • Bachelor's Degree

    Social Communication: Radio, TV, and Internet​

    Universidade Metodista de São Paulo (2011 - 2014)

    During college, I was the director of two projects. One of them was called “Clipê na Internê”, a blog that gave me the opportunity to be part of the writers team for “Revista Friday”. The second one was my Undergraduate thesis. I created a Rock WebTV – The “PlayRockTV”. On this project, I was the director, social media manager, writer, and video editor.

  • Additional Education and Training

    Sports Marketing

    Northwestern University


    Athlete Marketing Essentials

    NIL Certification

    Front Office Sports

    Media Training:

    You Can Be a Media Trainer



    YouTube Marketing



    Instagram Marketing e IGTV


    Mídias Sociais - Planejamento e Prática

    Impacta (Buscapé Company)


    Redes Sociais

    Internet Innovation


    Marketing Digital

    Internet Innovation



    Academia Internacional de Cinema



    Yázigi Internexus

    (Advanced - concluído em 2010)


    More Events

    • Estratégia de Conteúdo - Social Media Week (2015)
    • Social, B.I. e Jurídico - Monitoramento Integrado - Social Media Week (2015)
    • As plataformas de Mídias Sociais como fontes de inteligência - Social Media Week (2016)
    • Design Thinking para mídias digitais - Social Media Week (2016)
    • Mulheres que decidem: gerando negócios para mulheres empreendedoras - Social Media Week (2016)
    • Mulheres na Gestão do Esporte (2016)


  • Voluntary

    Game Show - TV Show

    Producer - 2011

    The program "Game Show" started on WebTV ABCD and then started to be shown on Rede ECO TV. It was a game show in which I participated in many ways: I produced, operated camera and switcher and also hosted a few times. In that experience, I learned a little about how a television network worked and it added a lot to my professional life.

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